Thursday, 19 January 2017

Gruntz - 15mm Sci-fi Project (9) - More Vehicles and Bots

Almost there with this project, just the Army faction left to finish and whatever else I might buy in the future(so far more colonists and a VTOL are on my shopping list). I really cant face doing the infantry at the moment so I did the last of the vehicles and bots instead.


The Army Factions  complete vehicle pool:

A couple of Combat Bots:

And as my Colonial forces were lacking vehicular support and knocked this together from an old Matchbox army vehicle and a few bits from the bits box, its not great but serves as a recon/command vehicle and gives the force a little support:

Plodding on with the infantry now, but keep getting distracted by my Blood Bowl stuff.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Gruntz - 15mm Sci-fi Project (8) - The Alien faction -finished

I have managed to finish off my "Alien" faction for Gruntz with the addition of a few vehicles etc, first up, an APC:

Some Sort of mobile Weapons platform

More of the fantastic Ixx:

And a few shots of the whole force:

Tons of painting on the go at the moment, mainly my Blood Bowl teams that have been neglected for far to long!

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Prohibition Era - 15mm Project - (III)

In the nick of time I have managed to get three "gangs" painted up, acquired and painted (well one of them at least) 3 vehicles and made a start on some buildings and scenery. This is probably the most prepared I have ever been for a game in which I don't yet have the rules, but at least I can have a couple of play test games over the Christmas break.

These are the last few miniatures(all from Blue Moon/Old Glory UK) I had to paint up:


The pre-painted cars I purchased:

First up my main gang of Gangsters:

Secondly, my more street looking gang:

Finally the biggest baddest gang of all, the Cops:

I picked up the cars (excluding the Police Truck with is from Irregulars WW1 range)for a bargain €7 from Modelcarworld in Germany they are Ricco 1:87 scale and absolutely lovely.

I have also made a bot of a start on some buildings (these ones are from Game Craft Minis):

Well this small project is almost finished, just a few more buildings (I am planning on getting some enterable laser cut MDF stuff such as bar, hotel warehouse etc) and a couple more vehicles and its done, which must be a record for me.

Finally, I'd like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and I hope Santa brings you all plenty of new toys!