Saturday, 10 September 2016

Gruntz - 15mm Sci-fi Project (6) - Aliens

More 15mm Sci Fi, this time my collection of Aliens, all models are from GZG.

First some traditional Aliens:

Next my small but (hopefully) deadly Kra'vak force(I have no idea how these are meant to look, so just went with scheme that looked alien in comparison to my other forces):

Power Armoured teams:

And finally to add some variety to the Kra'vak and act as support, some of GZG's excellent Ixx:

And a quick picture of the full force so far:

I'm up to my neck in making scenery at the moment, rock outcrops, a large scrap yard, alien jungles, regular jungles, plus painting the last of my Leven miniatures buildings including their new castle stuff, so they will be the focus of my next couple of blog posts

Friday, 2 September 2016

Some Updates to my Blog

Just to let anyone who may be interested know that the Pocketquest Main Page has now been updated and a PDF of v3 of the rules are available on request.

Also a new page has been added which is dedicated to the Lords & Lands wargame, the page can be found toward the top right side of the screen or here! Please do check it out as it has all the available Army lists, and will feature new rules, any errata and an FAQ, plus news about any future developments for Lords & Lands.

I'm in the process of making a bunch of terrain at the moment so will resume my usual blog postings shortly.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Gruntz - 15mm Sci-fi Project (5) - Colonists & Colonial Security

I recently took delivery of my latest order from GZG, this time I have added a number of colonists, colonial security and a couple of types of aliens.

First up a couple of Colonial Security teams:

And the 2nd Team:

And their Command, Medic, Engineer(the Engineer mini is from Brigade) units:

On to the Colonists(all GZG apart from the hazmat suited mini which CMG, I think) which were a real pleasure to paint being a nice change from the usual drab military colours:


And for those who may remember I said I would be re-painting my Army factions medic, well I did and here it is:

Aliens next time, or possibly some scenic pieces as I am cracking on with some woods/jungles and rocky outcrops.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

6mm Sci-Fi/Post Apoc Project (VII) - A new faction

I purchased the start of a (not) Tau 6mm force from Onslaught some time ago now, but have never gotten round to painting any of them and to be honest I will probably be selling them off at some point as I really do have enough Epic forces without starting another.

Before I do that however I decided to paint a small amount as a new faction for my 6mm Sci-Fi skirmish campaign:

Now that I have painted a few I'm slightly tempted to keep hold of the rest of them, as they are lovely models and quick and easy to paint up.

A week at the sea side beckons so I wont be active on here much for the next week or so, although it does give me the chance to re-stock on paints and brushes from one of the numerous hobby shops on the Yorkshire coast.